Yet more Tory sleaze….


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LOL anyone watching the build-up to the Brighton v Palace game?



Old man on a bike. Not a member of a clique.
Plus you can’t get in or out of Downing Street without Police officers seeing you. Sometimes they patrol the garden and roof too.
Did they check bags for alcohol? Did they see drunk people leaving? Did they hear noise?
How did they miss so many parties?
So many questions to answer.
It’s quite clear that they turned a blind eye.

My thoughts exactly. This cannot have been "a secret".


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We have an outdoor cycle track (The Stephen Burke track) 2 miles from my house but these infernal beasts prevent access from just before dawn until about one hour after daybreak every morning. I was on there on Tuesday as dawn broke and a huge flock of them circled the top (nearest canal) grassy circle in the eerie mist. They looked to be about to settle when my appearance with my bright Petzl bike light shook them back into the air. They tolerated me on the top circle of the lap twice more then went into defensive mode. As I went up the back straight headed for the circle, they flew low en-masse towards me and blocking my route with some going into dive-bomb readiness. I know they're only birds but when they're threatening, they do get very frightening especially when there's 50-60 of the buggers!
Cool story bro!
Do you think Johnson is still an an electoral asset? I think the latest party revelations have made him toxic.
He is gone, the question is when. I think significant parts of the Tory party have been thinking he should go even before "PartyGate" but I suspect were waiting for Omicron to subside and maybe for the local elections in May to be over.
I think he is an useful idiot right now, they prefer to ride the storm while it last, stab him in the back when it's convenient when and how i do not know, but i share your opinion that i don't think he has much support left. Only those who are comfortable at their position right now and therefore prefer to keep it as it is.

What is problematic for the Conservatives is getting a new leader who will be accepted by all factions in the party.
Yup, both Labour and conservatives are in the same boat on that topic. Now is Starmer in a slightly better position, and Boris is still someone who attracks votes for some reason, a bit the same as the Dutch prime minister(Rutte) they make mistake on mistake on mistake but they keep on running and keep on getting elected now Boris has some time to go to beat Rutte's record but still.


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The head of the NYPD said
"the English metropolitan police is where we were in the 1930's when politicians owned us" :laugh:


I'll say it again as if we haven't all noticed.

Every mention of the investigation by every tory in the media calls it THE SUE GRAY investigation.

Piling the pressure on her.

The independence of the investigation is in doubt and the whole system needs to be outsourced to agency outside of government.

*I'll rate my own post cheers. *
Sue Gray is one thing, have a feeling Boris is more Dorian Gray (or would like to be)
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