Twitter under Musk....


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Twitter usage at all time high. Fine young cannibals.

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Why would Twitter moderators (for example), need to commute, or, even live anywhere near Twitter Headquarters? Twitter is an online Company, can't the moderating be done from home, or, indeed, almost anywhere?

I don't believe Musk is a great fan of WFH.
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I don't believe Musk is a great fan of WFH.

Of course not, he's a car salesman.


If any of you can code, report to the 10th floor.
There are a few unmanned critical systems in need.

On a health aspect, that guy is in serious need of some mentoring/rebalancing.
He is more fked up than Trump.

An even more stable genius. Has such a high concept of himself that he thinks that listening to some short presentations from radom developers will allow him to understand the stack, ffs, how can anyone take him seriously?
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