Bye Bye Democracy.


Once again, you seem surprised that I should consider the wider context or anyone but myself.

Apart from making me jump through another hoop in order to vote out the execrable and odious Chris Philp, what problem will be solved?
Your words not mine.

Rusty Nails

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Yes, the country is definitely moving in that direction. I’m against it.

I disagree that it is.

I would also be against it if I thought it was.

In this chart it shows that at any one time things can be said to be getting better (or worse) but that is based on short term views and, as the disclaimers almost say, " current performance is not indicative of future results".


I would be much more worried if I lived in the US, if Trump gets back into power.


In English, ? denotes a question.

I know, because I did just ask a question.

Are you turning this into a snipe conversation because if you are I'm sure you know I'm happy to oblige.

Now let's get back to telling me which question I quoted that you would like answered.

Rusty Nails

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I can’t argue against “index points” so well done, you win.

It's not about a win.

You have an opinion, I have a different opinion.

They are opinions not facts.
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