The Blair thread


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Out of curiosity does anyone actually think he deserves it :rolleyes:


I'm not but I don't vote Labour.
Neither does Blair.


Regular AND Goofy of the things he'd agreed with the dirty digger for getting the S*n to support Labour was for Blair to call off the dogs over Hillsborough. The 'impartial' investigation was dropped like a dog-turd and Jack (man of) Straw was nowhere to be seen after promising the people of Liverpool he'd get to the bottom of the disaster and punish Murdoch and McKenzie for their vile behaviour.

I still boycott The Sun. This is not enough though - I boycott newsagents and shops sponsored by it. I will not buy The Times in any form, even for the middle class 'jobs', and I will not buy cable TV because it always includes Sky. Funny how so many teachers find it a piece of cake to boycott The Sun.
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