The Nasty Party (AKA the Tories), it's back!


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I know that. But what specifically?
Demanding a ''hands on'' role in government...?
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Doubting Liz Truss's economic wisdom?

Well in a recent phone call to my sister, she said in the wake of the budget that wasn't that for the first time in her life she will not vote Tory in an election, and would consider voting Labour instead. She has had various dealings with those who are poor over the years, and couldn't take the lack of real help for the poor coupled with making the wealthy better off.

I think reducing your tax revenues at a time like this when govt help is desperately needed across the economy shows no economic wisdom at all. Coupled with the insult to the poor helping the rich entails means such policies are immoral.
Place your bets then:-
  • Sexual harassment
  • Casual racism
  • Sexual molestation
  • Punch up
  • All of the above

Mooning at the PM....


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According to Channel4 News it was an incident in a hotel bar and was reported by a witness.

Covers a wide range of misdeeds I guess.

The Telegraph is saying it’s a similar issue to Chris Pincher.
Older gay man comes on too strongly to a younger man whose sexuality is unknown.
It’s interesting to contrast the response if it was an older straight man coming on a bit stronger to a young lady, it would probably go unnoticed and unreported.
The plot thickens…



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I know that. But what specifically?

It appears he has got a bit ‘hands on’ with a young man at the hotel bar.

The eyewitness claimed that the minister had his hand on the young man's thigh, and that there were several onlookers.

They added that Mr Burns was told at the time by an onlooker to stop what he was doing, although this is disputed by friends of the Bournemouth West MP.

A second source, with knowledge of the disciplinary process, corroborated this account and confirmed this incident was what led to him being sacked as well as losing his whip.
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