The Nasty Party (AKA the Tories), it's back!


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Oi! You called me a colossal pervert elsewhere and am no Tory....
Miffed of Devon.

Simple logical error on your part, Foodster. All Tories are Colossal Perverts, but it does not follow that all Colossal Perverts are Tories.

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The Prime Minister tests the prototype electric chair to be used on benefit cheats.



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It's a very curious time watching the Tories these days - they're like a diseased tree ready to fall in the first storm. But they're towering above the flimsy place we shelter in. We dream of the tree falling but don't know how many of us it take out when it falls.
All that cocaine washing up in Wales seems to have put a bit of a dampner on the conference....
Meanwhile are we ready for round 2 of austerity,like it ever really went away.


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Holy Labour landslide Batman! :eek:
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Anyone want to take a punt on why Conor Burns has been removed from the party?
Clearly something happened at the conference.
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