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Ian H

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I was reading/looking at one of my partners lectures last night,including Hilma af Klint,love her work.
Something about some of it reminded me of yours.

Interesting comparison. I'm just trying to restrict myself to very simple basics of circle and lines (ish), just to see how far I can get within those parameters. There's a couple more since that pic. Nothing particularly ground-breaking, just getting going after a longish barren patch.

Ian H

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It's pretty spooky the first time you see it, can see why people believed in spirits existing in the mountains.
Mind you, even on clear days it can feel pretty 'super' natural.

Missing the weeks and weeks of high mountain hiking now that the memory of the daily effort are fading 🤔


The far scree was over a glacier that's melting, kind of unstable feeling to walk over

Mr Celine

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While channel hopping came across a lovely wee programme about public art in new towns.
It can be seen on iplayer here -

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