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It's a popular thing for weddings apparently. There's a UK guy who does it who did a big Twitter thread on the cheeky folk who ask him to work for nowt. There were loads of 'em.


I think $200 is pretty cheap, if it's a decent, original, and unique song. Not sure about the Franglais bit.

Ian H

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I did the auctioneering, for a promise auction back in the spring to raise funds for something worthy .
One of the lots was a songwriting service just like this

Iirc it went for over £200 ..
I was astonished too 🙄

Yebbut - 'for charity'.

Ian H

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Begs the question how did you find this?

One pic seems to have been pirated from Cold War Steve. The rest seem a bit lame - okay, the Hitler one is mildly amusing.
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