Priti Nazi....


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I thought May was a nasty racist but Patel has hit lows I thought were long gone.

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Wherever you like.
I don't like, but am not surprised.


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There will always be people like her around and even people who approve of what she stands for - though it is surprising that she is so inherently, calculatingly deviously evil, and knowing that, that she has risen to her position.

They come here illegally and get exploited by their own ilk, f**k 'em!

You do realise that we were warned that people trafficking would get worse if the UK voted to leave the EU?

The EU no longer has any legal obligation to halt refugees as the UK is a third country, because the UK wanted happy British fish and blue passports.

There were warnings given loud and clear 5 years ago. Also, we have an obligation, along with other western nations, to help the people that we've displaced through wars started by us. We walked away from Afghanistan, leaving people to the Taliban including those that helped British troops to a certain death sentence. Now there's ISIL-K, who make the Taliban look like nice guys that are just mis-understood, and that'll just make the refugee crisis potentially worse. We should help them, at least for a period of time, until the situation improves. Some humility, and humanity, is in order here. If the human race used that 'F*** them!' attitude many millenia ago, we would not have left the Rift Valley and we would not have evolved as a species.

Remember, we were warned that this would happen 5 years ago.
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Sensible measure by the government.

That a few leftie lawyers are getting into a lather about it is neither here nor there.
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