Peter bottomless has his finger on the pulse.


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NOT A PERSONAL DIG, but the level of £82k

is fine. But if you were currently earning £125,000 or more, would it feel about the right level if you would not be able to carry on with your other job, and so potentially fall behind things like professional validation requirements, professional updates, currency in your job?

Remember that after 5 years (or sooner) there may be an election and you could be back to the old job, but unable to practice and possibly 5 years out of date.
That is unfortunate but it would only affect a small subset of potential candidates. Such people are already well represented so the current package is maybe not the deterrent that some claim it to be.

Ian H

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In other news, Peter Bottomley is or was a member of the all-party cycling group of MPs.
(is this a cycling forum?)


Right wingers keep complaining that both old NACA and this new NACA have a left-wing bias. (They also keep pointing out that we lefties are either so disobedient we get banned for breaking the rules or we flounce because we don't get our own way, so I never quite understand how the supposed left-wing bias is so persistent, but let's not worry about the odd contradiction between friends...)

If that's valid (which I don't actually accept), I wonder how they square the obvious inference, that there's a statistical correlation indicating that cycling and left-wingery share a common approach to life?


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Why Bottomless?

The normal abbreviation is Bumley.
As in 'bottomless pit' of ingratitude and gross ineptitude, I imagine, but as I've never met him I can't say for sure.
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