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That would be the 6% non white welsh surely???

What would be?, are you assuming that all English, Scots, Irish, Polish... etc people living in Wales, are non-white?


Croydon says hello. The town is not without its architectural and road planning problems but none of that is caused by the diversity of the residents.



Everyone has a choice……you choose to support them from the stands, but wont support them in your towns and villages.

The last time I looked the average professional footballer contributed a fair bit to society via taxation and took very little in return.

I was answering your question, the one I quoted. Nearly 30% of my neighbours were not born in the U.K. according to the 2011 census.


Edit: 2021 census shows an even larger percentage born outside the U.K. - now over a third.

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And there we have it, how many of you people crying out for asylum seekers, or immigrants in general, actually live in an area that has that many?

Ahem. Top 10 calling.

Anyway it isn't a competition. The dispersal system is hugely political, and getting you harrumphing in The Swan is part of what it's all about. Still 'n' all, Swansea is a City of Sanctuary and has a hugely active support and solidarity network, the cornerstone of which is the sort of people who had their mates murdered by the pals of the governments you voted for in the 80s. My maternal side of the family is from your neck of the woods, as I've probably mentioned. They're mostly affable racists as well.
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