British Cycling's new sponsor - wtf are they thinking?


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Unfortunately, what we're seeing in the other "discussions", is statements that Shell are getting their act together, moving in the right direction*, following the international agreements, blah blah blah ...
All because they've marginally increased their rather pitiful spend on renewables (money which will probably give them a good return, as it happens!)

*This is possibly my favourite. I like reading it almost much as I enjoy reading "we are where we are" ...

Yup, well tbf Shell and their ilk can afford to spend squillions on their 'image' can't they ??

"We're doing our best - honest - look we've even given some tabards to a community clean up group"

If all that didn't have any effect, they'd sack those PR people, and get some new ones in, right .. ??


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Ian H

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Full-on corporate-speak from BC there. They'd find it v difficult to extricate themselves from the Shell deal. And who else is going to donate big bucks to a minority sport in this country? Greenwashing is where it's at.

Not that road-racing is remotely green. Our smallish amateur events require between four and six leading/following cars and about six motorbikes - plus of course all the static marshals.

Ian H

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Email from them:-

Dear Ian,

I’m writing to invite you to an optional Volunteer Forum event, which will take place virtually on Tuesday 8 November at 6:30pm, and be led by British Cycling’s Commercial Director, Darren Henry, and Head of Commercial Partnerships, Chris Williams.

In the session, Darren and Chris will run through a short presentation and answer questions on our current commercial partnerships, our work to secure new partners, and how our work with partners can support us to deliver our ‘Lead our sport, inspire our communities’ strategy.

Due to the number of people we expect to attend, questions should be submitted in advance...
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