A Stewart Lee thread for theClaud


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The phone was in no state to take pics with. The security guard would corroborate but you'll have to wait until 2024 when the restraining order expires.
Ah well at least it was only t3sc0

You're not missing out on any quality victuals



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I bet you like Tesco 'cos it keeps the riff raff out of Lidl.*

* copyright Alan Coren c 1980


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I went to Tesco today, parked in their car park while I emptied the rubbish out of my car into their bin before its MOT, then went inside and used their toilet and I didn't even buy anything.

Fight the power.

It's the supermarket equivalent of going for a Maccy Pee.

I hope you gave the security guard a cheeky salute on yr way out.. :rolleyes:

Ian H

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"This is the only place where they had to take down some of the flags to celebrate the jubilee"
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